This World, That World is a campaign world based on the real world. Geography, weather, and the physical world are exactly like Earth. Curious about your surroundings, location, the weather? Just check Google Maps or Want to know what’s going on? Just watch the news and use your imagination.

How an individual DM decides to adapt the non-physical aspects of Earth is up to the adventuring group. In our version, time gets a bit mixed up. We started in Alaska, and decided that Obama is President and that Sarah Palin is the mayor of Wasilla. But unlike modern Alaska, the living conditions are primitive. There aren’t any cars or airplanes, for example. Towns are basically frontier towns, with elves, gnomes, and other magical beings playing the role of Native Americans. Fairbanks, for example, is a log pallisade fortress, and the nearby air force base is a troupe of elven griffon riders.

So while the geography and weather are constants, culture, history, ethnicities, and technology are very different. High magic replaces technology. Most people travel as in a typical medieval fantasy world-horses, carriages, etc. But the wealthy and powerful fly on carpets or magical beasts. Most major cities have magical versions of public transportation-a levitating Gondola on rails, large bus-wagons, huge magical balloons and zeppelins, etc. Magical gadgets (such as a box with a trapped ice elemental for food storage) are common. A form of television exists, involving illusions, crystal balls, divination magic, etc.

Non-human players, especially long-lived races, need to come up with an elaborate background. For example, one of our players is a black elf whose parents were slaves in the dirty South. He stole Lil Wayne’s chain, which triggered a series of events involving the evil wizard Sessestopholes, master of curses.

This World, That World