This World, That World


1st Adventure = travel to Alaska, meet Dr’zzt and the Ice Barbarian, defeat the wizard of the accursed tower. Spend time in the 10 towns area of Alaska (Matsu Valley, north of Anchorage). The Legend of Maximus Giganticus spreads—killed and skinned a winter wolf with a single stroke.

Interlude = Ladaynian and the curse of Lil Wayne’s Amulet. Lord Sesses and his imps begin a campaign of harrassment and character assassination. They steal stuff from the party and are generally a pain in the ass. Sesses gives each PC a cursed amulet and sells Blackrazor to Max.

Ogres and Robots—PCs save Fairbanks and are heroes. Sesses acquires robot construct technology from the party. A few weeks later in a nearby town, PCs save an elf girl from hags and superstitious townsfolk, who see pcs as demonic because of their magic powers and races. Blackrazor tries to get Max to kill Sarah Palin, but he resists.

Max’s continued resistance to the will of Blackrazor enrages Sesses. Lord Sesses and his imps spread rumors, and frame the pcs for crimes. Maximus gains a reputation among the ladies as a philanderer and is framed by Sesses for the rape and murder of a barmaid.

Max and his companions head south. Along the way, they come to an accursed town of Dagon worshippers. Daggone Dagon!!!!! Max leaves Blackrazor imbedded in a Dagon statue in the flooded sea caves and all the PCs (except Nickleback) abandon their Lord Sesses amulets. Max dies fighting an aboleth.

PCs take Max to a nearby Druid grove for reincarnation and fight off a werewolf infestation. Max is reincarnated as a gnome. PCs make it to Vancouver and rest before heading south to walk the John Muir trail to Las Vegas, where they will confront Lord Sesses. In the Cascades, Max is kidnapped by red caps, then rescued by Ladaynian and Trina. Redcaps were asking about Maximus Giganticus and Blackrazor. Max was unable to endure the torture completely and revealed that it was in Alaska. He did manage to bluff them into thinking that he had left it with the Ice Barbarioan instead of its true location. PCs learn that the gnomes are associated with Mt. Hood (White Plume Mountain), the origination of Blackrazor, and decide to investigate.



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